We truly thank you for choosing Rhino Builders Remodel + Design.  

We hope that you are enjoying your new space as much as we enjoyed working with you to create it! 

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Rhino Builders is a trusted company that I’ve had complete confidence in. This is my second renovation completed by a Rhino Builders team of experts. Terry & Doreen are very personable and were with me every step of the way during my recent renovation. The team of professionals that completed the kitchen were very professional and friendly and I felt very comfortable having them in my home while the work was being completed. I would not hesitate to recommend Rhino Builders in the future. Thanks, Rhino Builders for a BEAUTIFUL Kitchen!!!
— S Castillo

Terry was the general contractor who took my ideas and found craftsmen and artisans skilled enough to turn them into a tangible reality.
— D & Y Kinney

The remodeling was timely completed and the detail work met the specification of both my spouse and I.  Thus, I would highly recommend Rhino Builders for home remodeling and I must emphasize that my wife and I are very satisfied with the upgrade they did for us.
— J & G Coleman

Terry was available when we needed him, even meeting at 7:00 am.
— K Macke

We felt that Rhino was professional, knowledgeable and were willing to work with us to make us happy with the end result. We felt they could be trusted to do a good job. Everyone involved in the project was extremely nice and easy to work with. The workmanship on the project is excellent. We couldn’t be happier and would definitely use Rhino again.
— K Williams

They were completely involved and proactive which was phenomenal.
— J & L Sumpter

We bought from Rhino because we trusted the sales person. Maybe that’s why we’ve used Rhino a number of times.

Continue doing a great job. We feel extremely lucky to have picked them, and they have done a terrific job. We trust their workers, and we just think they are a great company.
— G McGraw

First class company, NARI Certified Remodeler!  A neighbor strongly recommended Rhino and we were very impressed by the high quality of the people working for Rhino.
— M & D Tighe

I was impressed with the amount of detail provided before the job and the salesman’s detailed presentation. Everything about the job went so smoothly and the work was excellent. I’d recommend Rhino to anyone and would use the company again.
— C Schillig

Mostly my concerns were staying on budget, and they did a pretty good job on that.
— M Steinle

My wife once told me, “I’d never leave workers alone in our home.” She changed her mind after she met the laborers from Rhino Builders. We felt comfortable with them. The bid was very detailed - much more so than most and gave us a good feeling about Rhino Builders.
— M & A Ferry

They allowed for a schedule in which all subs had time to operate without undue haste and when one finished early they contacted the following sub to move up his schedule if possible.
— J & B Diehl