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Beam It Up, Brian & Michael......

Structural engineering plans crafted  by Norton & Schmidt Consulting Engineers are designed to support this homeowner's wish for an open living space and to hold up the 2nd floor! Our well-trained professionals, Brian and Michael are facilitating the installation of the support beam! 



Going up, up, up and right into that space left by the wall that was removed!  Proper fit and support ensures cracked walls are not a part of this home's future!  This renovation will "live long and prosper"! 


Adding Value in Leawood, Kansas!

Increasing property value is the goal for this renovation project in Leawood, Kansas.  The process begins by creating 700 square feet of additional living space in the home's lower level with a rough-in that provides designated storage space as well.   

The space above ground is getting a makeover too! The Master Bedroom and Bathroom's new design is just in time for the homeowners' own addition to their family! 

Let there be light.....and power!  Our team meeting with the homeowners and electrician sheds new light in a dreary space!  Things to consider include a solution for lighting the stairway, which LEDs will provide the right amount of light and exactly where to place the cans! 

Consistency throughout your home is an added bonus when working with custom craftsmen, as we can match design elements that already exist in your home.  Custom plans are reviewed and revised until they are exactly what our clients want! 

Just like his choice of music, Jason from Jackson Custom Construction is rocking this remodel while crafting the stairs, doors and trim! 

Quality craftsmanship is what gets delivered when you remodel with us!  Stay tuned for more details on the progress of this project!