Beam It Up, Brian & Michael......

Structural engineering plans crafted  by Norton & Schmidt Consulting Engineers are designed to support this homeowner's wish for an open living space and to hold up the 2nd floor! Our well-trained professionals, Brian and Michael are facilitating the installation of the support beam! 



Going up, up, up and right into that space left by the wall that was removed!  Proper fit and support ensures cracked walls are not a part of this home's future!  This renovation will "live long and prosper"! 


Adding Value in Leawood, Kansas!

Increasing property value is the goal for this renovation project in Leawood, Kansas.  The process begins by creating 700 square feet of additional living space in the home's lower level with a rough-in that provides designated storage space as well.   

The space above ground is getting a makeover too! The Master Bedroom and Bathroom's new design is just in time for the homeowners' own addition to their family! 

Let there be light.....and power!  Our team meeting with the homeowners and electrician sheds new light in a dreary space!  Things to consider include a solution for lighting the stairway, which LEDs will provide the right amount of light and exactly where to place the cans! 

Consistency throughout your home is an added bonus when working with custom craftsmen, as we can match design elements that already exist in your home.  Custom plans are reviewed and revised until they are exactly what our clients want! 

Just like his choice of music, Jason from Jackson Custom Construction is rocking this remodel while crafting the stairs, doors and trim! 

Quality craftsmanship is what gets delivered when you remodel with us!  Stay tuned for more details on the progress of this project! 


Recognized for excellence by The National Association of the Remodeling Industry!

We Won!!

On Friday, April 7th the National CotY Winners were announced.  Our special moment is captured on this video at the 12:30 mark.  Yes, we were jumping up and down! 

See our winning moment here!  

Terry was selected to judge the NARI CotY 2017 Awards this year!  He is honored to participate and knows a thing or two about award winning remodels.  For over 20 years Terry has upheld the highest standards that insure the integrity of the remodeling industry.  A CotY Award winner is a project entry that demonstrates remodeling excellence.  He will follow the CotY Judging Process on projects in up to 35 categories!  He is excited about getting the inside scoop on so many outstanding projects! Judging will be completed mid January.  Stay tuned for the results! 

2017 Kansas City NARI Remodeled Homes Tour!

Although it was cold and rainy the weekend of the Kansas City NARI Remodeled Homes Tour, our remodel was warm and charming! 

Our clients' home was longing for updates that supported the continuity of the 1909 era in which it was built!  Crown molding was added and lighting was designed to spotlight the home's artistic flair. 


Every detail of the custom doorway that opens up to the dining area on the left was researched until the perfect items were found to match the original that leads to the kitchen on the right. A much better fit than the small arched doorway that was once there!

Constructive Ideas', Mark Bovas designed and built the beautiful cabinets that serve as a buffet and provide storage for formal dinning wares.  

Developing relationships with clients is what Terry Skilling and our entire staff love about the remodeling industry.  Lead Carpenter Michael demonstrates how this fireplace's features can set the mood for the space. 


We combined talents with California Closets - Kansas City and Canaan Stone Works to transform a utility laundry room into a beautifully elegant walk-in closet! Learn more about our partners' contributions here!  

Our painting crew added depth to this attic space with a bright apple red floor while fresh white walls and ceilings make the space stand tall! Mini Split units are the perfect solution for ultimate comfort in small spaces.  Thanks to our partners at All Current Electric for their outstanding electrical work throughout the remodel.   

As we wrapped up the project, we can't help but wonder if there is a renovation project in this tree house's future!  We hope so because we loved working with these clients!  

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