Terry E. Skilling- President   

Terry E. Skilling, CR founded Rhino Builders in 1996 following an extensive career and education in residential construction and general remodeling. A licensed and insured general contractor with more than 20 years of experience, Terry is a Certified Remodeler by the National Association of the Remodeling Industry (NARI). Active in service to the industry, Terry has held the offices of Chairman of the Board, President, Vice President, National Board Representative, Education Chairman and Board Member of NARI. He is also a member of the Better Business Bureau and Home Builders Association (HBA).  

Terry holds several manufacturers certifications and has three years of undergraduate business management at Cornell College. This background is complemented by continuing education course work and seminars that enable him to remain current on industry standards, practices, materials and products.  

Through his commitment to professionalism and service excellence, Terry has established Rhino Builders as a leader in many areas, particularly in Residential Remodeling and consulting. This emphasis emerged out of the growing number of referrals from homeowners and commercial property owners pleased with the quality of services his company provides.  

Doreen Skilling- Office Manager  

Doreen Skilling joined Rhino Builders in 1999 following a 10 year career in Education. She brings expertise in operations, staff management and computerized office systems. Her dedication to the daily operation of Rhino Builders has built solid, long lasting relationships with our clients, subcontractors and staff.    

She spends her free time with her family and enjoys her weekend adventures with her grandchildren.    

Tracy Jankowski - Content Writer/Social Media Manager

Tracy Jankowski joined Rhino Builders in 2015. Her role in your renovation project is to capture and share the progression of the project for contest entries, magazine features and social media!  

She has a background in Business Management, Business/Marketing Writing and Social Media Marketing and serves on the Board of Directors of EWI Kansas City as Communications Director.  

She spends her free time  volunteering at a local food pantry and watching competitive cooking shows with her daughter!      

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Doug Cox - Project Manager  

Doug Cox joined Rhino Builders in 2014. He has been involved in some facet of the residential building industry for the past 25 years. His belief has always been to exceed customer’s expectations of their remodeling project. He chose to work with Rhino Builders because it was important to him to work for a company that had similar values! He continues to help homeowners turn their dreams for their living space into a reality.    

He spends his free time working on projects around his home. He also enjoys golf, bowling and barbequing.      

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Office “Max”   

Max has been with Rhino Builders since he was a puppy! He is a Westie-Poo and is seven years old! He spends his days in the office bringing joy to our staff and visitors (the UPS man is his favorite!) by greeting them every day with lots of love and affection! He looks forward to coming to work everyday with his family!    

He spends his free time chasing squirrels and enjoys his monthly visits to Queen of Paws!